Sowing and going.

Yesterday we got ready for planting our top crops in the bottom veggie garden…Wheelbarrow – check. Plastic packets for collecting stuff-check. Trowel-check. Seeds-check. We planted:

Kohlrabi (white)

Sweet basil




Along the way we met Flor and Melinda who were maintaining the Kirstenbosch plants area.

We past the retail….

And some interesting pot plants in the Tea Garden.

After planting the seeds, we went to check out the meilies….and picked some baby ones for supper.

The building was still in progress at home, so we started our Big Move and moved Kingoftheplaygrounds stuff into his new BigBoy room. Wow – how to turn a sweet lil’ two year old  into a controlling megalomaniac? Give him his own big room and try and pack his toys away. Ha – good luck!

So to calm ourselves, we ended the day by going to look at the giraffes in the Falkia repens and the Sunbird in the Tacoma capensis.

Much much later,

I met with the designer for the Ecolodge, to look at paint swatches…I never knew that GREEN had so many, many names! Spearmint? Should we go with Summer Glo? Oooh that one is FAR to yellow. A dirty green, or a pastel green…*confused face* …Can I just close my eyes and pick one please?

Full steam ahead for the Ecolodge revamp. Off to choose material for the couches now. Hope they don’t have too many, many fabrics to choose from.

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