Inspiration and wind.

The wind started gently blowing today. It blew softly through these (pink) Port St. Johns creeper and the (yellow) Helichrysum umbraculigerum….Say that three times fast! The weather forecast predicts a strong South-easterly all weekend and 35 deg Celsius on Saturday!

Yesterday the fabric shop was pretty torturous – trying to imagine those reams of material covering a couch with scatter cushions to ‘bring out the hue’ was fun. Especially when Kingoftheplayground delightedly found a heap of cushion stuffing and started trampolining off it into the middle of the shop. I chose an Ochre Bull Denim. Sounds like a baseball team.

We drove  back through the crazy, hot, hustle and bustle of town traffic and into the peace of the Deep South. Kingoftheplayground- quietened with a bag of nuts – finally stopped his incessant “What should I dooooo” question. I suddenly realized that this question was not entirely unrelated to my husbands – Taskmaster – constant slaving. Er, I mean working like a soldier/robot/bee. A conclusional maths equation then popped into my head:

Hard labour + male(2) = No food in kitchen. Ever.

The future looked hungry. Really though, if you want a job well done and amazingly fast, just ask the landscaping team here to do it.  Think energizer bunny with tools.

Note to self: Must plant more veggies!

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