Day 2 of the Ecolodge revamp

Day two. Am. The birds have barely started singing and Kingoftheplayground flutters an eyelid open. Blinks once. Sits straight up in bed. “Oh. Ok, its time to get up now. Its a beautiful day outside. Lets go for a walk.”

Yawn. The wind is howling again. Think I saw a whole Protea bush blow past the window…but it went past really fast. Coffee!!!!

The renovations went well, got everything painted, just the rest of the roof, the outside window frames and the bathroom ceiling to do still. The new double sink and cupboards are in, the tiles are up and the gas stove is fitted. The amazingly stunning paintings arrived today – wowie….

More tomorrow….So much to do before the Magazine people come!!! ***Wish us luck***

2 thoughts on “Day 2 of the Ecolodge revamp”

  1. wow! hi shanna,
    looks like amazing renovations, amazing paintings and amazing blog…..what more can i say…tai asked me on the phone…when are u gonna come n play granny jenny?….so guess i,ll see you in the tea garden by the sandpit soonxm.

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