New day, new project.

Yesterday was really, really, ridiculously hot. Hot is not a good enough descriptive word…shmaaaahggg or pshaaaaaweeee might be better. Took a melting Pecan & vanilla cake down to the tea garden with Kingoftheplayground.

“It’s so so hot. It’s too hot for me” He said.”Yes, it’s too hot for me too.” I replied.

To distract him from the heat I pointed out a pretty butterfly flitting from flower to flower. He looked at me crossly.

“That butterfly makes me hot!”

Later on, we went to cool off at the Ecolodge with family.

It was a perfect evening. No wind, the pastel evening shades making the mountains look fairy-tale like.

Lucky is the word!

Well, with house renovations and the Ecolodge beautified, its back to work. Our next Good Hope Nursery event is coming up on the 5th of April, and its time to spread the word.

This is the poster so far:

And here is a peak at whats in store:

Nice hey?

So write it in your diary/cell phone/ scrap of paper and tell all your friends and family – it’s going to be a spectacular day!

Off to have a retail meeting so all the gardens and plants will be looking their best on the 5th.

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