Count down to Fynbos Family Day event

And so its less than a week till the Big Day –

*x*x*x*Fynbos Family Day event on Monday 5th April*x*x*x*

So much to do…so many public holidays yet so little time. It always ruffles my feathers when it’s so close to an event…Will anyone come? Will too many people come? Will we sell all the plants and have to grow them from scratch? Will we run out of food or will we be eating rooibos cake for two weeks?

Got the display finished today. You can’t imagine the muscles involved in pushing wheelbarrows of plants around. They should really add it to all gyms exercise equipment. Respect to all barrow pusher around the world!

Mabuthi (Or Yourbuthi as Kingoftheplayground likes to call him) did the hard landscaping and I put the pretty flowers in..

and lugged the pretty flowers around from nursery shadehouses to display.

Tough work this flower business.

Especially that 20kg Leonotis.

Then after a quick snack from the Tea Garden

We went home and put on some tunes

And got down to making lunch for the Tea Garden. We have had amazing veg out the garden lately including


and carrots, potatoes, millions of herbs, baby tomatoes, aubergines, spinach, leeks, sweet potatoes, onions.

Gosh who needs shops anyway?

So we started making stew

While Expert Chopper-with-the-blunt-knife cut the soft potatoes and cabbage leaves and the dogs were happy with the flying veg that landed on the floor…

All in all delicious and nutritious enough to set us up for the next few hectic days. Tomorrow is more stocking up of the nursery, getting the stall holder space ready and ordering ingredients for the delicacies to be sold on the day.

Goodnight and hope to see you on Monday!

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