The Fynbos Family Day!

What a great day we had! Cars were lined up and down Plateau Rd:

There was fun for the kids…and even tigers:)

It was a bit windy with gusts of fresh air, but that did not stop everyone from having an amazing day. All plants were discounted, there was a R40 ea tree section (still on sale by the way) and lots of people must have been planting up a storm this week!

There were delicious eats baked by yours truly (Up untill 3am ) and served with a smile by Mary+Sister#2 and also Florence+Pateka…

We were serenaded by Phillip Nangle’s beautiful african calabash marimba music….putting the vibe into the atmosphere everyone’s step. He is a fantastic musician, instrument builder and artist.

There were also Talks on Healing plants in your garden by Peter von Maltitz…very, very interesting and informative. He has even written a little book called ‘Natural Medicine for children’ย  which gives you cures to ailments from earache to when babies don’t want to eat to childhood diseases. its only R50….come buy it at the nursery!

The other speaker was Ivan Groenhof who spoke on his Rim of Africa mountain trails…an awesome presentation with slide show and drums and even lovely Lisa his wife playing the oboe. Shivers down the spine and amazing photos to inspire even the most unfit and unsure to take this spectacular journey on. Find out more at

There were amazing stalls too: Food from the tea garden, samoosas, many beautiful craft, ceramics, clothes, soaps, handmade furniture, art and more.

And that, my friends was that! To those who could make it and joined the fynbos fun – thank you so much! And to those who could not grace us, pop over on our next event (Winter sale I think in the June July holidays) and you wont be disappointed!

I leave you with this mouth-watering display of sweet treats from the Tea Garden:

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