Bakes, waves, stones and sales.

When the wintery weather comes around, it means its time to make and bake.

Here are some samples of what we have been up to….

Fruit&cream covered chocolate cheesecake:

And Chocolate cake decorated with chocolate truffles.

Wow and yum. It’s a good thing the winter also brings swell to the ocean otherwise we’d all be as big as houses. Surfs up dude….

Taskmaster took a short break at the secret surf spot above (ask no questions, I’ll tell no lies) and came back raving and refreshed to continue his amazing landscaping with a twinkle in his eye.

We baked some more..

And then visited Scratch Patch Mineral World just over Redhill and down the road from us…..

Giving another meaning to stepping-stones…

What fun!

This winter, instead of having a winter sale event, we have decided to sympathise with the 6 week-long school holidays and are offering everyone 15% off all plants in the retail from the 9th of June till the 13th of July.

So come on out to us over this special offer and we will expertly help you choose some plants. Your garden will be so happy!

2 thoughts on “Bakes, waves, stones and sales.”

  1. yum, indeed! I come to your blog to oggle the food, scenery and lifestyle…yes, I REALLY miss home. Saw pic of Pol and felt so happy for him. btw, do you dish out any of the recipes…or is it ultra top secret? cheers. N.

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