Indigenous Spring flowers in bloom

Spring has sprung! Here are a few beauties that have sprung up on the nursery property:

A Babiana ringens. This is a highly unusual plant in that it has a funny, fleshy, curved stalk projecting above the red flower (hence the common name “Rotstert” in Afrikaans meaning rats tail). The sole purpose of this stalk is to provide the sunbirds with a little perch so they may sit on it and pollinate the Babiana. From this position they can pollinate more efficiently and correctly. Amazing! They say the male sunbird prefers this perch as his long tail is less likely to get damaged than if he would have used the ground. I love nature!

Drosera trinervia. A common sundew which is carnivorous, it traps insects in its sticky leaves!

Gladiolus bonaspei. Our local endemic beauty* *proud* * Endemic to the Cape Peninsula where it occurs on the sandy plains of south of Klaasjagersberg, on the Redhill Plateau and on the Silvermine Plateau. Thats us! Right here!

Satyrium odorum is a species of Orchid endemic to southwestern Cape Province. It grows in the shelter of bushes and rocks. It has a strong pungent scent, especially at night and is pollinated by moths.

Liparia parva. The flowers are presented near the ground and is rodent pollinated. it is Vulnerable (VU D2 โ€ single small population) on the Red Data plant list.

Wow and its all happening right here on our doorstep.

Happy Spring!

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