My top 10 books for this month

Here are my top ten books at the moment – in random order

  1. Food plants of the world – Ben-Erik van Wyk  
  2. My 100 favourite herbs – Margaret Roberts
  3. Janes delicious garden – Jane Griffiths
  4. Avant Gardeners – Tim Richardson
  5. Self Sufficiency – John Seymour
  6. Halfaampieskraal Celebrates – Maia Du Plessis and Simon Scarboro
  7. Roots shoots and leaves – Bernadette Le Roux
  8. Appetite – Nigel Slater
  9. Food from the Veld – F.W Fox and N.E.Norwood Young
  10. Return to Camdeboo – Eve Palmer

 Go on and treat yourself – find a quiet moment and a creamy cup of coffee,  a sunny window sill or a shady bench, loose yourself in the pages and get inspired!

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