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Spring Sale and the Indigenous Spring Garden Competition winners

On the 14th of September we had a fantastic Spring Sale here at the nursery. The weather really behaved for us and the nursery was looking beautiful.

Spring fynbos displayWe had the Indigenous Spring Garden Competition prize-giving in the court yard…

Kids category winnersEli Amery won the online junior photo entry – plant photo entitled “Indigenous is fun” and won a
R150 voucher from La Chatelaine
and a R100 gift voucher from Good Hope Gardens Nursery

Roxi and Skyla Hoets-Turner won the most creative junior indigenous garden and won a
Playground Party Venue voucher for 3hours valued at R750 from Good Hope Gardens Nursery
and a cute Dreamweavers kids wooden chair.

The winners for the Online photo entry – plant photo entitled “Indigenous beauty” could unfortunately not make it, but the winners were
Eva van Belle won first place – an Ilundi hand stitched leather I-pad case valued at R450
and Rayne Eaton in Second place – winning a R250 meal voucher from Decks restaurant in Kommetjie

The most creative small space indigenous garden winners were
Rosemary Barker in first place – who won a meal voucher from The
Annex for a two course meal for two people

Rosemary Barker
Mrs E van der Vyver in second place – winning a GHGN 1hour Guided Fynbos Walk for four people, valued at R350Mrs E van der Vyver
Third place went to Greg Nicolson who won a R200 Good Hope Gardens Nursery voucher but he was in Madagascar at the time of the prize giving

Most diverse large indigenous garden winners were:
First place – a Garden clean-up from Good Hope Gardens Landscaping, valued at R1000 was won by Susan Thirion

Susan Thirion
Allison James won second place winning this lovely 1.5m long latte bench from The Pole Yard valued at R550

The Pole Yard bench
And Juliette de Combes came in third place  winning a R250 meal voucher for The Meeting Place in Simonstown

Juliette de Combes

The rest of the day was filled with Flowers, Fynbos and Fun….

RetailTaking advantage of the wide selection of indigenous plants all on sale in the retail.

Ismail Smiths curryDelicious food!

Shady seatingHaving fun in the shady seating area.

Car boot saleLooking for bargains at the car boot sale.

Lemon Tart and cappuccinoThe most amazing lemon tart and cappuccino by Jaaqui

PlaygroundRelaxing in the playground.

A fun day for all! A huge hanks to all our prize sponsors and to all those who came and supported us. Lets do it again next year!

CliviaHappy Spring everyone!!!!!

Spring Sale!

Our annual Spring Sale will be happening on Saturday the 14th of September from 10am – 4pm. Don’t miss out!

What you can expect:

Plant sale: Spruce up your gardens this Spring with Fynbos, Indigenous, edible, medicinal, non-indigenous, herbs, succulents plants and more. ALL the plants in the retail will be discounted at less 15%!

Fynbos walks: Go exploring along the fynbos walks on the Klaasjagersberg mountain path.

Food: Enjoy a snack, relax in the shady seating or grab takeaway – delicious samoosas, dahl and rice, curry, hot chips, bakes and refreshments.

Kid’s fun: Kids will love the playground, farm animals and face painting.

Indigenous Spring Garden Competition: Prize-giving will be held at 11am

Car boot sale: Come and find some bargains – one mans junk is another mans treasure!

So pencil it in your diary, tap it into your blackberry or stick a note on your forehead. Grab your friends and their neighbors, your family and that Facebook friend you never see in real life and join us for a day of Fynbos Fun!

Email us on for more info.

Visit us on our Facebook page

Hope to see you there!!!

Pelargonium in Spring

Fynbos and Food Fair 2011

Our Annual Fynbos and Food Fair was really enjoyable and successful.The weather was great, lots of people supported, the plants sparkled and the food was delicious!

Pony rides on Patches

Pastries, surfboards and more in the Farmstall.

Fresh produce

People mingling and the band playing.

Facepainting for the kids.

Amazing rose cake on sale

Playground fun!

Stall holder West selling his wares in the shady retail.

Enjoying a chocolate apple in the Farmstall.

A fun fynbos and food filled day! Cant wait till the next one 🙂

Fynbos and Food event!

And here is our stunning new poster for our Fynbos and Food Fair by the brilliantly talented Terri of Soult designs:

Dont miss out on this fun fynbossy event!!! Quick – go write it in your dairy now!

Fynbos and Food event on Family Day!

Our next event is happening next month on the 25th of April…on Family Day – the Easter Monday public holiday.

So from 10am – 4pm, bring your friends and family to enjoy the entertainment and special fun at the nursery.

This time we are incorporating more of a farmers market type vibe, with fresh and cooked food stalls. Examples of stalls you will find here on the day:

Freshly baked bread, baked goods, wheat free cakes, nuts, organic fruit and veg, organic berries and eggs, homemade ginger beer, crunchies, rusks, preserves and jams, herbs, savoury foods, recycled crafts, natural beauty products, art, and more.

For the kids there will be pony rides, facepainting, claywork, a jumping castle and a playground.

Musical talents entertaining us through the day will be Amy Tjasink followed by Greer Bell and Zaria. Lucky us, because they have voices from heaven!!!

A free Guided Fynbos Walk will be led at 11am and a talk on Small Fynbos Gardens will be happening at 1pm.

And of course….last but definitely not least – ALL the plants in the ENTIRE retail area will be on sale at less 20% on the marked price…. with many extra specials here and there.

Join us – it will be amazing! Stock up your kitchen, your garden and your belly 🙂 See you there!

***Poster created by Safia Stodel of Ilundi Designs***

When goats do roam my fynbos does moan

Hi. I’ve been a bad blogger again – but life has been busy busy busy!

Our baby goat AKA Greeny (dont ask – Kingoftheplayground named him) has been running around the nursery and getting into trouble. With me. Cant really dicipline a goat though, so just trying to feed him up so he gets too fat to escape through the fence. And eat more of our garden. Again.

The daddy goat gets stuck in his fence at least once a day:

Which is quite funny except then you need to go and get him out which is like wrestling a mountain with horns and yellow devil eyes and you stink like manky goat for a while after. Lovely.

Our veggies are coming along ….











And King of the playground is enjoying helping…









Some pics of the Fat of our Land:











The Ecolodge has been fully booked every weekend (Lots of flower arranging and meeting happy faces) and the landscaping has been non stop. But no matter how busy we all are – we still always make take time out to go for meanders on the Fynbos Walk…

At our next event  (Details in next blog entry) we will be giving a free Guided Fynbos Walk so be sure to be there and come experience our nature!!!


Count down to Fynbos Family Day event

And so its less than a week till the Big Day –

*x*x*x*Fynbos Family Day event on Monday 5th April*x*x*x*

So much to do…so many public holidays yet so little time. It always ruffles my feathers when it’s so close to an event…Will anyone come? Will too many people come? Will we sell all the plants and have to grow them from scratch? Will we run out of food or will we be eating rooibos cake for two weeks?

Got the display finished today. You can’t imagine the muscles involved in pushing wheelbarrows of plants around. They should really add it to all gyms exercise equipment. Respect to all barrow pusher around the world!

Mabuthi (Or Yourbuthi as Kingoftheplayground likes to call him) did the hard landscaping and I put the pretty flowers in..

and lugged the pretty flowers around from nursery shadehouses to display.

Tough work this flower business.

Especially that 20kg Leonotis.

Then after a quick snack from the Tea Garden

We went home and put on some tunes

And got down to making lunch for the Tea Garden. We have had amazing veg out the garden lately including


and carrots, potatoes, millions of herbs, baby tomatoes, aubergines, spinach, leeks, sweet potatoes, onions.

Gosh who needs shops anyway?

So we started making stew

While Expert Chopper-with-the-blunt-knife cut the soft potatoes and cabbage leaves and the dogs were happy with the flying veg that landed on the floor…

All in all delicious and nutritious enough to set us up for the next few hectic days. Tomorrow is more stocking up of the nursery, getting the stall holder space ready and ordering ingredients for the delicacies to be sold on the day.

Goodnight and hope to see you on Monday!