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Crazy Red Dot Summer Sale!

We are having a crazy red dot summer sale.

Yes we are!

Good Hope Gardens Nursery retail

Melinda from the retail with our two little crazies. And no, they are not for sale.

Good Hope Gardens Nursery

Come and join us anytime from now until the sale ends on the 22nd of January. The sooner you come, the better selection you will get to create a festive wonderland in your garden this season.

Good Hope gardens Nursery

25% off all marked plants…

Good Hope Gardens Nursery

And what gorgeous plants to choose from!

Good Hope Gardens NurseryEnjoy the shady seating while you dream up your new garden designs…

Or choose who you will gift this Christmas with some very affordable living leafy presents.

Good Hope Gardens Nursery

Enjoy the silly season outdoors this summer

Good Hope Gardens Nursery retail

You’d be crazy not to!

Crazy Red Dot Sale at Good Hope Gardens NurseryCrazy like this.

For more info contact us on 0217809299 or email

Upcoming event – Fynbos and Food Fair 2012

The time is rolling around again for our next event at the Nursery. Its our Summer event which is always fun and festive and this time the focus is on indigenous trees and food, food food! ..details as follows…

There is no better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than at the annual Good Hope Gardens Nursery’s Food and Fynbos Fair. Set in the Cape Floral Kingdom’s peninsula heartland, there will be an array of fun for the whole family. From fun for kids – a jumping castle, face painting,
pony rides and playground – to fynbos walks, fynbos food, fynbos products, lots of delicious food stalls, an intriguing succulent footpath and discounted plants from one of the finest fynbos collections to be found anywhere. Green up your Christmas this year by buying a discounted indigenous tree to decorate. The fair happens at Good Hope Gardens Nursery, Plateau Rd (M65) en route to Cape Point on Saturday the 15 Dec from 10am – 4pm.

Visit our facebook page for the latest news on the event!

Fynbos and Food Fair 2011

Our Annual Fynbos and Food Fair was really enjoyable and successful.The weather was great, lots of people supported, the plants sparkled and the food was delicious!

Pony rides on Patches

Pastries, surfboards and more in the Farmstall.

Fresh produce

People mingling and the band playing.

Facepainting for the kids.

Amazing rose cake on sale

Playground fun!

Stall holder West selling his wares in the shady retail.

Enjoying a chocolate apple in the Farmstall.

A fun fynbos and food filled day! Cant wait till the next one 🙂

Fynbos and Food event!

And here is our stunning new poster for our Fynbos and Food Fair by the brilliantly talented Terri of Soult designs:

Dont miss out on this fun fynbossy event!!! Quick – go write it in your dairy now!

Summer is here!

With the weather not so sure whats its doing, the poor plants are not sure what to be doing either. But Summer seems to be back with a bang along with the South Easter wind, tangling our hair and drying out the earth. We are gearing towards our next event on the 16th of December – which promises to be a day of fun, fynbos, food and art.

The masses of Syncarpha vestita or Cape Snow that have sprung up near the windmills.When you stand in between them it sounds as if you are in the middle of a rustling papery sea.

Meanwhile in the veggie patch, flowers of other sorts have been blooming…

Elegant leeks have gone to flower…the organic seeds to be collected and planted next year.

Yellow patty pans growing at the base of their edible flowers.

The retail area in the nursery is looking particularly lovely. Shady and inviting, it inspires many to jazz up their gardens at home.

The different colours and foliage in the six pack area in the retail.

A little monkey chilling in the shady seating area 🙂

More news on the event to follow! So keep in touch for more fynbos fun.

xxx from us at the nursery

Pics from December and happy holidays

Our Fynbos Summer Sale was fantastic:

A bustling retail and mouth-watering wheat-free tea garden treats…








There was a free guided fynbos walk and lots of amazing arts and crafts on sale…


The kiddiewinks were rather happy with the activities available…



















Other Fynbos fun included Fynbos Gardening talks, Fynbos food, music, new faces, lots of plant specials and of course, the stunning surroundings of the nursery. Remember that we have these events four times a year…hope to see you at the next one!!!

In the meantime, happy holidays and safe travels. Please note that the nursery will be closed on 24,25 and 26 of Dec as well as  Saturday – Dec the 31st and Sunday – Jan the 1st 2011 ….as much as we love having you – we need to have 5 selfish days of the year to have the nursery all to ourselves 🙂 will post pics in the next blog!

Happy New Year 2011 to you all!!!!!

Fynbos Summer Sale and a bad bad blogger.

The time has come for our Summer Sale. Our Fynbos Summer Sale on Dec 16 – 10am – 4pm!

It has been so so busy here at the nursery. So busy I forgot to blog in months! In the space between my last blog entry and now, we adopted 10 baby chickens (Township lovelies, i swear they say “Hy wena” or worse every time I walk past without feeding them) and two goats who had a cute cute little baby kid we named Girl Goaty (Kingoftheplayground named it) but actually a few days later it turned out to be a boy. Billy the kid? Naaaythan? help us out here…

We also have Samson and Max, our two rescue dogs – but have had them for a while now. If you come to visit us and are bowled over by a thin snake on legs with fur and a brown frown face with ear-splitting woofs – that’s them. We love them even after eating three chickens (the baby Redhill ones – no funeral, Kingoftheplayground was asleep) and chicken eggs (Samson bites holes in the sides and sucks out the insides…WhipetXeggeater?) They are the best watchdogs and will bark at anything even the sprinklers and the wind.

Not sure if I mentioned before, we also adopted Henry the Rooster from the Cape Farmhouse a while ago. He has a rocky history and was even in the local papers…small people stay away from him? But he has his 3 chicks (our 3 chickens) who are completely henpecked. Oh. Except for chicken #2 who got slicked by a genet cat. Rude.

So life has been farmy to say the least. Its fun, but hard too sometimes when you upstairs trying to catch up on admin and you hear shouts from the garden. Make sure Kingoftheplayground is fast asleep still and go downstairs. Find that Billy goat has escaped and is eating the veggie garden. Everyone drops tools and the  chase begins. Let me just stop here and mention that goats can run ridiculously fast. So catch goat. Goat scrapes hand with horn. Bite tounge. Put goat back in pen. Feed Goat. Walk past chickens who start swearing at me in Xhosa. Fetch chicken food. Henry the Rooster sees chicken food and struts fast towards me. I stumble backwards (I’m very scared of Henry) and bang head on recently pruned tree branch. Swear loudly and have to go and slam garden gate a couple of times to feel better. Feel better. Think pure thoughts. Feed chickens. Go back upstairs. Turn computer back on just before Kingoftheplayground wakes up and shouts for cereal with the runny honey.

Taskmaster is completely landscaped out what with everyone who is anyone wanting their garden finished before Christmas. A few roof garden in the mix and even time to build more goat pens. Ownerlady is full steam ahead in organizations for the Summer Sale…big tree clearances, getting all the flowering plants ready and filling up the retail. All staff working hard:

We will have succulents for sale in decoupaged recycled tins – a Thank You Kitty range, as most of the tins are from our cats food 🙂 cute hey.

The Tea Garden is going well too, with fab new staff and a home cooked meal on the menu every day.  Fresh organic produce continues to feed us and the Tea Garden from the veggie gardens, we even had the most amazing artichokes the other night.

The figs are out and homemade fig preserve will be on sale at the Summer Sale – best eaten at once with red wine and a selection of cheeses…mmmmmm.

I’ll leave you with this pretty pic of an Agapanthus almost in bloom….and hope to see you next week at the Sale!!!