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Spring Sale!

Our annual Spring Sale will be happening on Saturday the 14th of September from 10am – 4pm. Don’t miss out!

What you can expect:

Plant sale: Spruce up your gardens this Spring with Fynbos, Indigenous, edible, medicinal, non-indigenous, herbs, succulents plants and more. ALL the plants in the retail will be discounted at less 15%!

Fynbos walks: Go exploring along the fynbos walks on the Klaasjagersberg mountain path.

Food: Enjoy a snack, relax in the shady seating or grab takeaway – delicious samoosas, dahl and rice, curry, hot chips, bakes and refreshments.

Kid’s fun: Kids will love the playground, farm animals and face painting.

Indigenous Spring Garden Competition: Prize-giving will be held at 11am

Car boot sale: Come and find some bargains – one mans junk is another mans treasure!

So pencil it in your diary, tap it into your blackberry or stick a note on your forehead. Grab your friends and their neighbors, your family and that Facebook friend you never see in real life and join us for a day of Fynbos Fun!

Email us on for more info.

Visit us on our Facebook page

Hope to see you there!!!

Pelargonium in Spring

Rooibos cupcakes on a rainy day

Today the rain is pouring down. It has been pouring down since last night and will probably rain on and off all day and drizzle into tomorrow morning.

This can only mean one thing:

Its time to bake!



3/4 cups of castor sugar

125g soft butter

2 eggs

1 cup of rooibos tea made with 3 tea bags

1 tsp vanilla essence

1 1/2 cups flour

2 tsp baking powder


Cream sugar and butter, beat in eggs one at a time. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix till smooth. Half fill cupcake cases with the batter and bake in a preheated oven at 180 deg for about 15 mins or till a knife comes out clean. Cool and ice with vanilla or lemon icing.

 Give some to a friend and make their day,

Share some with your mom

Or just curl up by the fire with a cup of tea and a few of these – take some time out for a bit of cupcake meditation 😀


Enjoy x x x



Prizes for Good Hope Gardens Nursery’s Indigenous Spring Garden Competiton

Prizes prizes prizes

What a happy word

Look how much happiness is below in all these fantastic prizes. A massive thanks to all our generous sponsors!!!!!

Good Hope Gardens Nursery Indigenous Spring Garden Competition PRIZES:

Most creative small space indigenous garden:

First place – Annex meal voucher for a two course meal for two people

The Annex in Kalk Bay
The Annex in Kalk Bay

Second place – 1hour Guided Fynbos Walk for four people, valued at R350

Guided Fynbos Walk at Good Hope Gardens Nursery
Guided Fynbos Walk at Good Hope Gardens Nursery

Third place – R200 Good Hope Gardens Nursery voucher

Good Hope Gardens Nursery
Good Hope Gardens Nursery

Most diverse large indigenous garden:

First place – 3hour Garden Clean-up from Good Hope Gardens Landscaping, valued at R1000

Good Hope Gardens Landscaping garden clean up
Good Hope Gardens Landscaping garden clean up

Second place – 1.5m long latte bench from The Pole Yard valued at R550

Latte bench from The Pole Yard
Latte bench from The Pole Yard

Third place – R250 meal voucher for The Meeting Place in Simonstown  

The Meeting Place in Simonstown
The Meeting Place in Simonstown

Most creative junior indigenous garden:

First place – Playground Party Venue voucher for 3hours valued at R750 from Good Hope Gardens Nursery         

Playground Party Venue at Good Hope Gardens Nursery
Playground Party Venue at Good Hope Gardens Nursery

Second place – Dreamweavers kids wooden chair

Wooden handpainted Dreamweaver kiddies chair
Wooden hand painted Dreamweaver kiddies chair

Online photo entry – plant photo entitled “Indigenous beauty”

First place – Ilundi hand stitched leather I-pad case valued at R450

Ilundi hand stitched leather I-pad case
Ilundi hand stitched leather I-pad case

Second place – R250 meal voucher from Decks restaurant in Kommetjie

Decks Cafe in Kommetjie
Decks Cafe in Kommetjie

Online junior photo entry – plant photo entitled “Indigenous is fun” taken by photographer under 16 year old

First place – R150 voucher from La Chatelaine

La Chatelaine in Fishhoek
La Chatelaine in Fishhoek

Second place – R100 gift voucher from Good Hope Gardens Nursery

Good Hope Gardens Nursery
Good Hope Gardens Nursery

 Such fantastic prizes, all of them!

Its FREE and EASY to enter….so get digging and snapping to win!

Publicity, party, veldkos and fynbos.

This month we have had a few times to shine in the media…

We were in an article on windpumps in the Country Life Magazine And Taskmasters amazing roof gardens appeared in a Green Roof article in House and Leisure’s online mag

Which in turn is the result of an article to appear in tomorrows Cape Argus on roof gardens. Cant wait!

Otherwise we have been having quite a few kids parties at the nursery

All catered for by us, including the Kitty cake

For our next project, owner lady and myself are coming up with a fantastic idea. It a bit hush hush but I can say it involves experimenting with veldkos, or bush food. The first experiment was collecting sourfigs (Carpobrotus edulis) and making a syrup out of them. This syrup can be used on ice cream or yoghurt, in cakes and puddings, an addition to sauces and salad dressings or even on toast. Yum!

Amongst getting famous and cooking and planting and general everyday stuff, we took a stroll on the Fynbos Walk and had a look at all the beautiful Fynbos in flower. Inspired, I picked an indigenous bouquet for my grandparents 59th wedding anniversary:

Another kids party booked for this weekend, the retail is looking fresh after yesterdays welcoming rain, fresh lemon and poppy seed cake in the farmstall…so come visit us and chill out in the deep green south! ! !

Farming and eating and beaching….Summertime!

Summer is here, along with the South Easter. We have been busy in the gardens, beach and in the kitchen…

The veggie gardens have been full and flourishing, and the figs are ripe and ready…eaten fresh with cheese and wine or made into jam – a winner! We also have a new spacious enclosure for the chickens and ducks to free range around in. The baby goat thinks its one of the dogs and and likes to bleat and run along with the dogs as they run and bark at our cars, welcoming us as we return home. Bookings are coming in for kids (children not goats) parties, the landscaping has picked up, while the bakkie has packed up! All the cars suddenly seem to be giving us problems – maybe its time for a donkey and cart 🙂 Other than that, its been so windy, windy windy!

Some fresh veg out the garden…sweetest peas and corn ever!!!

Biggest Patty Pans/Pots we have grown yet!

Even more organic garden veg.

And beetroot which when roasted…turned into this Rose petal, mango and roast beetroot salad. Yum!

We took a break from the kitchen and the farm and escaped to the seaside. Quite often.

 Swims at Dalebrook pool,

Did some digger loading at Scarborough beach,

Jumped for joy at Fishermans beach,

Did some breakdancing at Fish hoek beach,

And then came home to chill.

Enjoy the Summer everyone!

A fresh start with spring

So new and exciting beginnings have begun! Good Hope Gardens Nursery and farmstall is fully operational. Coinciding with the beginning of Spring we relaunched with a bang and a bloom…flower power and fynbos kos. Take a peak:

We are also starting kids parties,

And pony parties ..introducing Patches the Shetland pony to the nursery!

Speaking of introductions….

we have two new puppies. Codi and Lani…heres Lani:

And our mommy goat died after eating a poison bulb called tilp (Beautiful orange flower with long green strap leaves) leaving her three-day old kids orphaned. These are the two  kiddies Dandelion and Star, whom we now have to bottle feed untill they are ready to eat by themselves.,,

I mean how cute does it get? Not much more than this.

So come on over to the Deep South and see what we have changed!

Cockadoodledoo 🙂

Photos of Springtime

Hello Spring!

Bringing mixed weather – sunblock and beach sand in your hair mixed with rainy days by the fire and gale force winds bringing down shadehouses….welcome to Cape Point!

Here are some pics of what we have been up to this month:

Succulents ablaze


Our Annual King Protea in flower on the koppie

and Fushia Vygies                                                                                                                                         Oppie Koppie 🙂

Chickens and landscaping

Vegetables from the garden. We now only use garden veg and flowers for our salads. As one customer said this weekend: “Ooh, its like a garden on my plate!”

We constantly are being asked the super secret recipe for our carrot cake…

So watch this space  – I think I will have to share the simple delights fo how easy and “moisty” this carrot cake is to make on my next post.

In the meantime to whet your visual appetite: below are some chocolate truffle filled wheat-free chocolate cupcakes.

We are having quite a lot of kiddies parties at the nursery lately..there is a convenient open space behind the playground and the kids pretty much entertain themselves which is great.

Jay&Lotta’s Dreamweaver web chairs   are possibly The Most Comfy to lie in after chasing your three-year old around to get him to drink some water to counter-combat all the jellytots eaten off the gingerbreadmen…and of course for using as a climbing frame as demonstrated below 🙂