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The sun, the rain, tiny tomatoes and chickens.

I had to relinquish the camera back to sister # 1. So for todays story, you’ll just have to use your imagination for the  images!

It was a hot, hot, week. The plants looked sad and dusty. Unfortunately it was also the week where the irrigation in a certain plant area decided not to work properly and we lost a lot of plants. They did not quite die, luckily,  but will only look good again in a while. Thankfully a strange summer storm appeared, mist rolling down the mountain (picture it), bringing  a brief respite from the suns harsh rays.

On the brighter side, two days ago, Mike the BB man was clearing out the Protea area and ripped out a pile (and I really mean a PILE) of baby tomato plants growing wildly there. (Imagine three buckets full of baby tomatoes) So, tomato tart for all!!! (Imagine, a sumptuous  mouth-watering tomato tart – crispy pastry, melted cheese and fresh origano on top, mmm..)

Apart from never wanting to see another baby tomato for a long while (only so much amazing tart one can eat) the Big Move is happening. Phase 1 starts today…Ownerlady begins her move – exciting changes. Our turn next week maybe – just hope the chickens can deal with the stress of it all…they really are pea-brained. Have visions of them wandering back to their old roost wondering why it’s so drafty.

Heres a photo I took a while ago of Kingoftheplayground having a chicken of a time:

Have a great weekend!!!

Smile like you mean it.

Yesterday was a great day. I decided to be nice to everyone. Eye contact, smile, full attention. It was very interesting. I got:

  • 1 Proposal (from assistant at hardware shop-very flattered but, er.. no thanks, not ever. )
  • 1 free sausage and the best service ever (no, not what you thinking-from the lady assistant at the deli)
  • Lots of wierd looks as though “what the hell do you want/what are you on/where’s the hidden camera/where did you escape from”
  • Mimed apologies (From confused road-raged drivers in the wrong after I waved and smiled)

And I had a good luck day too:

  • Designer friend emailed to say paint shop had donated large amounts of paint for the Ecolodge revamp.
  • The wind stopped.
  • The sun came out.
  • Taskmaster stopped work for the first time in months and we went surfing.
  • Kingoftheplayground didnt run away and get lost once…oh wait, just the once. Found him barefoot in puddles “just runnin’ alon’ “
  • The renovations should theoretically be finished by tomorrow.
  • The jumping castle has been booked for Good Hope Nursery’s next event on 5th April – Fynbos Family Day.
  • Found this Protea repens in flower:                                                                                                                                                    Later on…

We discovered where on earth chicken #2 and chicken #3 have been hiding their eggs. Mike the BB man found a clutch of old and new eggs all cosy in a nest of sticks under an old gum tree. Got given dirty looks of hate and the beady-eye each time I passed them…. Smiles do not work on chickens!!!

Fat of the land and driftwood constructions.

So the weatherman was being silly when he said gale force winds on Saturday…He meant to say Boiling hot and No wind on Saturday and Incredibly Breezy and warm on Sunday..oh and Nail Everything Down on Sunday night because by the time you remember it, it will have already Blown Away to Australia. Last night I felt like Dorothy in the tornado part of the Wizard of Oz.

Yesterday we went a pickin’ our crops.

There were some very interesting carrots in the bottom veggie garden. We wandered past the tea garden on our way up to the top veggie garden and saw

Pateka (pink) and Florence (purple) who are the beautiful tea garden ladies, delivering food and drink with a smile.

Food like this:

Mouth-watering cinnamon, cardamom & vanilla cupcakes*.


*Wheat-free of course.

Moving on – after convincing Kingoftheplayground that they were really rather sour and that there were much better things to eat in the veggie garden – we arrived and got to work.

Well, we went to work

and Pollox

took some

thyme out. Oh hahaha.

We found some ridiculously big carrots:

And some more fat of the land…..

And even found the Sutherlandia’s seeds almost ready for collecting.

This plants beautiful red flower is pollinated by sunbirds and had balloon-like seed pods. It has documented effects in treating very serious illnesses such as HIV and Cancer as well as their side effects such as anxiety, depression, TB and eczema. It is not, however, a miracle cure-all – its real benefits are to assist the body as an immune booster, is known to improve energy levels and gives an enhanced sense of well-being.  Wow people…what are you waiting for??? Why am I drinking this coffee? ‘ Scuse me while I go make some Sutherlandia frutescence tea…….

Okay, feeling great, looking good. Where was I?

Went home. Taskmaster was pleased with our bounty of goods. I said If we were living in the country we would surely win a pig-on-a-string at a fair for these massive carrots? He said No, farmers grow them that size all the time. Well. Even Mandy Doll was impressed with this one….Taskmaster had 5 mins to spare. He had a couple of screws, some wire and a bunch of driftwood. He quickly whipped up two bed side table lamps and this really cool feature light for the Ecolodge. He’s like Fynbos McGuyver. Now I know how to wire up a lamp in a fix…so easy! Even Kingoftheplayground was teaching Pollox how to do it with a pair of blunt-nose scissors and some toilet paper. Dont ask.

Sowing and going.

Yesterday we got ready for planting our top crops in the bottom veggie garden…Wheelbarrow – check. Plastic packets for collecting stuff-check. Trowel-check. Seeds-check. We planted:

Kohlrabi (white)

Sweet basil




Along the way we met Flor and Melinda who were maintaining the Kirstenbosch plants area.

We past the retail….

And some interesting pot plants in the Tea Garden.

After planting the seeds, we went to check out the meilies….and picked some baby ones for supper.

The building was still in progress at home, so we started our Big Move and moved Kingoftheplaygrounds stuff into his new BigBoy room. Wow – how to turn a sweet lil’ two year old  into a controlling megalomaniac? Give him his own big room and try and pack his toys away. Ha – good luck!

So to calm ourselves, we ended the day by going to look at the giraffes in the Falkia repens and the Sunbird in the Tacoma capensis.

Much much later,

I met with the designer for the Ecolodge, to look at paint swatches…I never knew that GREEN had so many, many names! Spearmint? Should we go with Summer Glo? Oooh that one is FAR to yellow. A dirty green, or a pastel green…*confused face* …Can I just close my eyes and pick one please?

Full steam ahead for the Ecolodge revamp. Off to choose material for the couches now. Hope they don’t have too many, many fabrics to choose from.