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SUMMER 2016 with Veld and Sea

Join us for some deliciously exciting workshops this season – We are heading back to the beach for the much anticipated return of our coastal forages, plus there are some new and exciting collaborative workshops featured in the lineup which we are so excited to share with you!
To book for any of these events, please email


  • 29th Oct 9am-1pm

  • 13th Nov 9am-1pm

  • 3rd Dec 10am-2pm

  • 30th Dec 10am-2pm

This half day course will introduce you to some of our local edible seaweed, explore the magical world of rock pools, meet like minded people, learn how to sustainably harvest and prepare your macro-algae and shellfish, make various recipes together that will end in a feast.
We will start off the day meeting at the beach, and after an intro and snack on the rocks we will make our way down around the tidal pools where we will forage for edible seaweeds and mussels. This beautiful coastline is abundant with food, but as we always forage sustainably we will be focusing only on the seaweed that is prolific in the area and the invasive mussel species, stressing how to treat the wildlife with respect. After our morning on the rocks, we will head to Gael’s Beach Cottage on foot with our foraged food to prepare and create an outdoor lunch banquet.
Includes wild food snacks and drinks, a delicious three course lunch based on ingredients foraged and prepared by the group. Notes include intro, identification, recipes and tide charts.

More info on our website HERE

Cost: R550 per person/R2000 for a group of four. Children under 17yrs R200, Children under 2yrs free. Full payment will secure your booking as spaces are limited.


  • 5th Nov 2pm-6pm

Join artist Janet Ranson for a Nature Art immersion workshop.
We will meet at the Veld and Sea classroom for an intro to Nature and Land art with historical and contemporary examples plus introductory demo’s and exercises. This will be followed by a walk through the fynbos to a ridge above the nursery, where each participant will find a site to start their land art piece. We will end with a discussion over soup, salad and a botanical cocktail back in the classroom.

Janet Ranson is a painter, educator and nature artist with a passion for art and the beautiful Cape fynbos. She finds inspiration all around her. She works from and in the natural environment, walking, sketching, creating temporary land art installations and collaborations – and using all these to inform her energetic paintings. Bold gestures suggest growth, movement and the flickering light of a windswept mountainside, with succeeding natural phases reveled in washes and layers of paint. For more information on Janet Ranson and her beautiful art, please take a look at her website HERE

Cost: R350 per person


  • 26th Nov 11am-3pm

Join Caitlin Hill, co-owner of Mothers Ruin, Gin Bar and foraging teacher Roushanna Gray on this exciting wild alchemy, botanicals and floral food filled day.

We will start with a foraging master-class in the Veld and Sea classroom, followed by a walk where we will gather wild herbs and edible flowers to be used in the drinks. You will learn the basics of cocktail making – the ingredients, techniques and equipment plus a special introduction to gin as well as how to make two classic gin based cocktails. Discover the world of tincture making and create your own bitters and infusions. A light floral inspired lunch, cocktails and refreshments will be served. Leave with a herbal bouquet and your very own wild booze creations.

Cost: R650 per person. R600 per person for a group of four.


  • 17 Dec 10am

We will start off the day meeting at the beach, and after an intro and snack on the rocks we will make our way down around the tidal pools where we will forage for edible seaweeds and mussels. This beautiful coastline is abundant with food, but as we always forage sustainably we will be focusing only on the seaweed that is prolific in the area and the invasive mussel species, stressing how to treat the wildlife with respect. After our morning on the rocks, we will head to the Burnett Wood Surfboards workshop for a coffee and a snack before starting on your handplane creations under the expert guidance of Patrick Burnett. This handplane course offers the opportunity to make a functional and beautiful surfcraft out of wood in one day. Participants will learn about the enjoyment of bodysurfing, the design dynamics that underpin handplanes and the pleasure of shaping something out of wood. Participants walk away with their own self-crafted handplane. Learn more about Patrick and his craft in this beautiful video clip HERE

Wild food snacks and drinks, a delicious three course lunch based on ingredients foraged by the group. Notes include intro, identification, recipes and tide charts.

Beach gear, slip-slops or booties, your mollusk permit (essential – available at your nearest post office), cameras, water bottle, a sense of humour and an appetite! Also please bring your drink of choice for yourself to enjoy with the meal


Collect seaweed to take home and preserve in methods learned on the day. 

R1200 p/person. Full payment will secure your booking. Please note, this is a small workshop and only 6 spaces are available, so book soon to avoid disappointment.




Scarborough beach + Burnett Surfboard Workshop


Patrick Burnett and Roushanna Gray

Wild Food Tapas at The Cape Farmhouse


Friday the 17th of July
Don’t miss out on this exciting edible adventure so deliciously fresh and local – these new flavour sensations promise to drive your taste buds WILD!

Chef Phil Mansergh and Roushanna Gray from Good Hope Gardens Nursery will be collaborating on this Wild Food Tapas night, combining their skills and creativity, preparing beautiful tapas dishes, each with an indigenous edible ingredient, sustainably harvested and paired to perfection.

Locally baked wild pine ring mushroom artisan break bread served with wild fennel seed butter

Beach broth with foraged seaweed 

Cream of wild asparagus (veldkoel) soup

Wild spinach and paneer samoosas

Local goats cheese with mixed heirloom greens salad, caramelised oranges and Fynbos infused dressing

Organic potato wedges served with wild garlic and Oxalis aoli and a sweet chilli and sourfig sauce.

Kelp Sushi rolls

Hottentot fish cakes with spekboom mayo

Pork and seaweed sausages with wild berry (Num Num) jam 

Rose Pelargonium chocolate brownies with Catawba coulis and cream

Please book to avoid disappointment – phone 021 780 1246 or email info@capefarmhouse.com


Liminal Alchemy – Exhibition experience


[change by fire] . as rains soothe charred earth . as seeds burst from ash

a multi medium experience of art, music, food and dance performance, celebrating the regeneration of cyclical nature and the passage of seasons

* a solo exhibition of sculptures, prints and fynbos drops by
Daya Heller Art at Zensa Lodge *
* a live musical journey of bass and voice by Cyrille Carreon and Hein *
* a foraged feast of fynbos food by Roushanna Gray *
* dance performances :
of moon (yin) by Jade Kristie Khoury
& sun (yang) by Terri Wolff *

Liminal Alchemy - Daya Heller Art
– world cuisine by The Vintage Vinyl Cafe
– fire dance by Terri (with burning surprise)
– moon dance by Jade
– music concert by Cyrille & Hein


– fynbos feast by Roushanna Gray
– dancing by Jade & Terri
– music concert by Cyrille & Hein

{food and drink for sale}


at ZENSA LODGE, 534 Egret Rd, Scarborough, Cape Town


Tickets for evening celebrations R60
available at quicket,
or at the door

Liminal Alchemy

The Secret Garden Feast – menu

The Secret Garden Feast is almost upon us….this Sunday at 4pm at the Good Hope Gardens Nursery, a unique outdoor dining experience not to be missed. All the details are in our last post.

The MENU is below to maybe tempt those that have not yet booked. Please remember that the menu is subject to change depending on the availability and freshness of ingredients…and if we find something super delicious we will simply have to add it onto the menu! …..****drumroll****


On Arrival
Glass of wild Jasmine fruit punch
Nasturtium flowers stuffed with soft wild herb cheese

Seaweed soup
Cape Point Bakery’s Artisan breads
Good Graze’s Banting seed crackers
3 flavoured butters – Mustard and wild garlic. Wild Atlantic Nori and sea salt. Cardamom and pepper
O LivreGourmand’s homemade yogurt cheese drizzled with wild herbs and olive oil
Selection of vegetable crudites
Beetroot hummus

Chef Phill’s Kelp Lasagne
Cure Deli’s ethically reared beef mince or veg and brown lentils
Garden salads with edible flowers
Wholewheat couscous and seaweed salad

Fynbos honey, lemon Pelargonium and cinnamon ice cream
Chocolate truffles
Rooibos Chai tea

To Drink
Franz’s amazing Buchu ale
Organic red wine

For a sneak peak at our band, click HERE to watch a clip of Ottoman Slap who will be entertaining us in true Gypsy fusion style.

Its so deliciously exciting! Dont miss out, there are a few seats left – to book email roushanna@hotmail.com

Seed ’em and reap.

Seeds are life.

The wondrous cycle from seed to plant, flower to fruit and back to seed.

Lets throw a few highlighted words out there for you. You probably know them all. If not, do a bit of research. Copy and paste them into Google search, chat to friends, read some books. Come up with your own thoughts on the matter.

I’m not going to write about GMO and its promotion in South Africa through the Green Revolution, the world of Biopiracy and its effects on Indigenous livelihoods, or the importance of Seed Sovereignty.

But I am going to share some of the enjoyment we experience from the seed cycle.


SeedsSeeds – begged, borrowed, bought or grown.

SeedsHomegrown seeds


SeedlingsLettuce seedlings in the front row


Lettuce plantsSeedlings in the ground.

LettuceRenegade lettuce growing in the cracks. Saving this hero’s seed for sure.

Manchester turnipSelf seeded Manchester turnip in the lettuce bed.

CorianderCoriander grown from our own seed for about 4 years now.

Cucumber plantsCucumber plants – flowers have started.



Pea flowersPea flowers

tomato flowersBaby tomato flowers

marrow flowersMarrow flowers developing into fruit.


Picking tomatoesPicking the fruits of our labour – tomato varieties.


Rainbow radishesRainbow radishes


Supper ingredientsSupper ingredients

Garden harvestGarden harvest


Tomatoes and peppers for roastingTomatoes and peppers ready for roasting

Fresh veg and homemade pastaFresh veg and homemade pasta

Veg wrapsVeg wraps

Garden saladRadish salad

Tomato snacksSummer tomato snacks

Seared goat and garden veg saladSeared goat and garden veg salad

Garden veg seed savingMaking supper and saving seeds along the way.

and back to…SEEDS

SunflowersSunflowers seeds.

Sorting chive seedsChive seeds.

Shelling pea seedsPea seeds.

Radish seedRadish seeds.

Red clover seedsDecanting red clover seeds into jars.

SeedsAnd repeat.

Plants want to grow. We need to eat. So….

Grow food

And if you don’t have a spot of soil to grow in – support your local farmer.

Happy healthy eating everyone!

Photos in techincolour

Please enjoy these colour block photos taken in and around

Good Hope Gardens Nursery.

Plants, landscapes, food, landscaping, magic moments. It’s all here – different seasons and different years worth of rainbow hues.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

So here is 128000 words for you…..


Red photos


Orange photos


Yellow photos


Green photos


Blue photos


Pink photos


Brown photos


White photos

Looking forward to your comments!

Food glorious food

Here is a sneak peek behind the scenes at all the food we have been growing, harvesting, preparing and, of course, eating!


Purple carrotspurple carrots


Sweet potatoessweet potatoes

Mielies with mint and buttermielies with mint and butter

pumpkin and spice cookies

Two fig and ginger jamtwo fig and ginger jam

Stuffed squash flowers, purple carrots and wild garlicstuffed squash flowers and purple carrots and wild garlic

Pumpkin pie!pumpkin pie


Wild garlic rollswild garlic rolls

Rhus toffie sweetsrhus toffee sweets

Rainbow radishesrainbow radishes


More feastingmore feasting

Even more feasting

even more feasting!

Grace before a meal:

Blessings on the blossoms,

Blessings on the fruit,

Blessings on the leaves and stems

and Blessings on the root.

Blessings on this meal”