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Fynbos and Food event!

And here is our stunning new poster for our Fynbos and Food Fair by the brilliantly talented Terri of Soult designs:

Dont miss out on this fun fynbossy event!!! Quick – go write it in your dairy now!

A wedding cake, an olive tree and three feral chickens.

Early in the mornings we hear the cackle, scratch and crow of our three feral chickens. Always roosting in a new place – never to be seen.

To cut a rather long and gumbooted -in-the-dark story short, after a false wringing of one chickens neck, he let his two buddies know their pot luck fate and they never came within three metres of us again.

Yesterday, however, they were tired and hungry and sneaked into the chicken hok. But Taskmaster was on spy mode. He saw them out the corner of his eye through the passage the window, jumped out the window and closed the door on them in one fluid movement. Ninja farmer skills. Kingoftheplayground has inherited said skills and captured 4 songololos the other day while I was cracking eggs for breakfast.

The Fynbos and Food event is getting closer and closer….a confirmation of more stallholders today who will be selling organic apple juice, farm honey, gluten-free bakes, unsulphered dried fruit, kids fun stuff, crystals and gemstones.

We are lucky lucky lucky to have three pretty ladies playing guitar and singing for us on the day. Shady tree and lunch anyone? Aaaaah.

Here is our olive tree:

This is the first year is has bore us/fruited/produced/developed olives. (Must look in John Seymour’s book for correct term..that book is constantly open in this house) We picked these: It may looook like a little – but you try doing yoga moves in a pokey olive tree and then say “Small bushel” or whatever the collective for olives are. A host of olives? A hoard of olives…a press of olives? hmmm. Anyway, here:

A gloriously decadent Rooibos and pink buttercream icing wedding cake was made last week for a wedding in Stanford. Please note: If you are delivering a fully iced and decorated cake some three hours car ride away…its best to buy coverup goods for the unforeseeable meltdowns….in my case in the form of meringues and strawberries πŸ™‚ Oh and drink chamomile tea to calm the jagged nerves. …Think we stopped about 17 times to check it was still fine. So not too much tea or more stops, which means more checking up. Which counteracts the chammomile. Ahem. CAKE PLEASE!!!!

So concludes this post. Off to jump in the Ecolodge jacuzzi and then water the animals and veggies too. We jamming this week, and preserving veg, so any spare glass jars you have lying around – recyclers/hoarders/bottled produce lovers …. I would love to use them! Pretty please πŸ™‚

Fynbos walks and cupcakes.

A wintery chill is in the air. But the wind died down and the sun came out on the weekend so we went for a hike up the Fynbos Walk.

We walked and talked

and climbed and saw some stunning flowers and had a picnic and oohed and aaahed at the magnificent views…

And jumped off boulders like Big Boys.

…well, one incredibly happy body did….

Today, with thanks to the inspiration from Ravishing Rayne, I embarked on making Decadent Cupcake for a Birthday Party order. I first followed the recipe given…but unfortunately for some reason or other they tasted a bit like washing powder(?) so the chickens had an interesting second breakfast. Then I adapted my own recipe (secret one, not telling) and the results were as follows:

<<<cupcakes with creamcheese icing and cranberry and edible glitter decorations Β Β Β  ****Β Β Β Β Β Β  ***Wheat-free rose cupcakes with pink chocolate icing and crystalized lavendar decorations>>>>>>

And Wheat-free chocolate cupcakes with a vanilla centre, choc ganache topping and mint choc ball to decorate.

And here they all are…….

A cluster of cupcakes?

A snuggle of cupcakes?

A comfort of cupcakes?

Well whatever it is, its time for tea!

Bye bye for now…Sweet dreams!

The best aubergine recipe and a garden club visit

I have been asked a couple of times for this recipe so I thought I’d be nice and share it with you too.

You will need:

Two organic aubergines …(these babies came from our garden)

And two free range eggs (thank chicken # 2 & 3) and a plate with seasoned flour ( I used a mix of rye and corn flour…wheat-free and all that)

  • Crack the eggs and mix them in a bowl.
  • Slice the aubergines up and salt them so they sweat a bit..
  • then heat some oil in a pan on medium-high heat.
  • Dip slices first in the egg and then in the flour and pop in the pan…like so:
  • Let it gently brown on both side and then drain on absorbent paper.


Deliciousness in minutes. Even those who don’t normally like aubergines will love these.

This week we had another garden club visit. They had a talk and 10% discount on the retail plants and relaxed in the tea garden in between.

It was drizzling a bit, that’s why one lady has a plastic packet on her head.

Then we fed them









Wheat-free of course.

The Home/Tuise photographer and creative designer came over again to shoot the exterior of the Ecolodge and the interior of our bedroom. Apparently we have a Bohemian/Eclectic style happening. Cute label for secondhand loves! So don’t forget to buy the September issue of Home/Tuis magazine because that’s when the Ecolodge will feature in it…its their Eco-edition.

Thats a while off, in the meantime, this weekend we will have the honour of Petra Van de Casteele from Country Life magazine and her family visiting us in the Ecolodge for the weekend. She wrote ‘Celebrating Fynbos’ amoungst other magical articles and books. Nervously wondering what to serve them at the tea garden after they go on a guided fynbos walk. Maybe scones, a variety ofΒ  indigenous flower jams and fynbos tea? Mmmm.

As Kingoftheplayground would say: ” I better get crackalacking outta here”and go hunt for flowers.

Pecan & white chocolate cake

This recipe is for my sister. Sister # 2 cause she asked nicely. More and more people are gluten intolerant and find it hard to find any wheat-free treats that are in the pastry/bakery section. Go on…try this. Go buy a wheat-free something in the shops…did you enjoy it? No. Did you feel satisfied afterwards? No, cause it probably tasted like a loo roll with carob on it.

Here’s what we had last night for Bossladys birthday: A wheat-free Pecan and white chocolate cake.

Taskmaster is gluten intolerant so everything I make is minus wheat. Sounds hard, but really simple – Just Substitute.

Wheat flour is really bad and bleached and etc, blah blah blah anyway, so just use rice/millet/quinoa/corn/almond/chickpea/rye(not gluten-free) potato/and the list goes on/ flour instead.

Recipe for Pecan & white chocolate cake:

  • Preheat oven to 180 deg cel.
  • In mixing bowl cream:

250g butter

250g sugar

  • Add

3 eggs

  • Mix well. Add

1 tsp vanilla/caramel essence

290g rice/rye/millet flour or mixture of all for best results

100g ground pecans

3 tsp baking powder

185ml milk/cream/buttermilk

Mix untill combined.

Pour into greased baking tin and bake for +- 40 mins or untill knife comes out clean.

Topping for the cake:

handful of white chocolate

1 Tbs butter

  • Melt over a low heat on the stove. Pour evenly over the top of the cooled cake. Let it set.


100g butter

2 tbs cream

2.5 cups sifted icing sugar

1 tbs vanilla essence

drop of milk

  • Cream all ingredients together and ice cake.

1 packet of flaked almonds

  • Press the flakes around the side of the cake to decorate.

So, there we go. Tea anyone?

Heres a photo to brighten up your day…Kingoftheplayground – sweet deprived child of the bush – after a homemade chocolate escaped off the table….hmmmm.