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Roots and shoots

I was in the garden this morning, having a dreamy moment, doing the fun part I like best in veggie gardening which is the harvesting. As I was pulling beetroot out of the ground, two majestic cranes flew overhead. “Aaah.” I thought. “This must be SO symbolic!” A thin dark ribbon floated down from one of the cranes. In slow motion I watched as the wind changed and it headed in my direction.  Wake up and smell the organic fair trade coffee, hippy-girl, there is now bird poo in your hair. I took it as a good sign.  And also as a sign to wash my hair.

Beetroots are one of my favorite  winter roots , this purplish red veg is good for your everything. Read about it here

A lot of people forget all about the beetroots humble leaves. The leaves actually have more nutrients than the root. They are they same family as chard and spinach leaves, rich in chlorophyll, protein, calcium, magnesium, copper, sodium,fiber, beta carotene and vitamins A, B and C. They are slightly more bitter tasting than spinach, but nothing a bit of nutmeg and white sauce can’t sort out, or a crumble of feta on some fresh leaves in a salad.

There are endless recipes for beetroot. Winners in our family include beetroot cake (substitute carrots for beetroot  in a carrot cake recipe) with a cream-cheese icing, roasted beetroot with honey and fennel seed, beetroot leaf lasagna, homemade beetroot pizza – leaves and sliced root with mozzarella and fresh thyme, grated beetroot in coleslaw, oh I could go on for days. But don’t forget beetroot juice with ginger. carrot and apple. Or beetroot brownies, frozen yoghurt beetroot popsicle for kids, beetroot and goats cheese salad. OK I’ll stop now. Beetroot soup with Greek yoghurt. The end.

This UK website called Love Beetroot is all about beetroot (obviously) and has a great list of all these amazing fun facts on beetroot.

Our lovely friend was even growing them on a roof garden in the city.

Having a vegetable garden is kind of like that moment where you get pins and needles really badly in your legs just as your baby wakes up crying upstairs. You know its going to be tough, and you will probably have to get down on your hands and knees for part of the way, but you know the rewards are going to be amazing:  A happy baby and fresh organic produce. Those two things always make me smile. And a happy baby that eats your homegrown beetroot? You just cant beet that 🙂

Beetroots in Good Hope Gardens

The dam and the honeymoon.

Yesterday we all took a break from the Big Move, and headed for the dam.

Rocks were explored and  plants were examined.

At the dam, Pollox went to cool off and Lucy had a scope around.

On the way back, we had the luck of seeing a very clear Table Mountain with its cable car twinkling, and an owl hooting on a rock!

Today we had to get the Ecolodge ready for a newlyweds.

KindofthePlayground helped to clean the jaccuzi… “Oh, got we to clean it all up?”

Me: “Careful around the edge please!” Him: “Oh my word-Im being careful!”

And added a romantic touch with flowers in vases, proteas on pillows and a wreath on the door.

We wish you a Happy Ever After!

The sun, the rain, tiny tomatoes and chickens.

I had to relinquish the camera back to sister # 1. So for todays story, you’ll just have to use your imagination for the  images!

It was a hot, hot, week. The plants looked sad and dusty. Unfortunately it was also the week where the irrigation in a certain plant area decided not to work properly and we lost a lot of plants. They did not quite die, luckily,  but will only look good again in a while. Thankfully a strange summer storm appeared, mist rolling down the mountain (picture it), bringing  a brief respite from the suns harsh rays.

On the brighter side, two days ago, Mike the BB man was clearing out the Protea area and ripped out a pile (and I really mean a PILE) of baby tomato plants growing wildly there. (Imagine three buckets full of baby tomatoes) So, tomato tart for all!!! (Imagine, a sumptuous  mouth-watering tomato tart – crispy pastry, melted cheese and fresh origano on top, mmm..)

Apart from never wanting to see another baby tomato for a long while (only so much amazing tart one can eat) the Big Move is happening. Phase 1 starts today…Ownerlady begins her move – exciting changes. Our turn next week maybe – just hope the chickens can deal with the stress of it all…they really are pea-brained. Have visions of them wandering back to their old roost wondering why it’s so drafty.

Heres a photo I took a while ago of Kingoftheplayground having a chicken of a time:

Have a great weekend!!!

Tomatoes and prep for the revamp.

Yesterday was a howling wind.  It whipped and whistled around the nursery. I decided to try and escape it by going out to ‘Town” for last minute buys for the Ecolodge revamp.

What a ridiculous idea.

It was at least ten degrees hotter! Without the wind though, so I couldn’t complain. Much. I got white cotton bedding for the beds, white curtains, roof paint, tile adhesive, toilet roll holder, and some supplies for the Tea Garden. Three shops. It took me 5 hours. Time warp? Space vortex? Suburbs on a Saturday.

Once home, I was so thankful for the cooling wind, that I went tomato picking for pasta. I got there only to find that the tomatoes had been unattended for a few days and the slugs had arrived under a bush. They were having a party. They looked quite drunk. Sighing, I reached out for the first when I heard a Bark. Looking around, chicken #2 and chicken #3 had followed me like dogs and were peering round the fence with beady eyes. Brilliant. Took chickens to slugs, chickens ate all of the slugs and a few tomatoes and then I threw a stick and they left. No, I actually just chased them out.

Taskmaster had been busy finishing up our house (relief) and continued today. Ownerlady sewed up the new couch covers and I drew Proteas on the scatter cushions. Blinds painted white, bookshelf painted white…Collecting paint tomorrow – because it all starts!!! Four days, total revamp…from Rustic Drab to Eco Fab! Here are some of the before shots:

More photos of the During and After coming this week!!!

Smile like you mean it.

Yesterday was a great day. I decided to be nice to everyone. Eye contact, smile, full attention. It was very interesting. I got:

  • 1 Proposal (from assistant at hardware shop-very flattered but, er.. no thanks, not ever. )
  • 1 free sausage and the best service ever (no, not what you thinking-from the lady assistant at the deli)
  • Lots of wierd looks as though “what the hell do you want/what are you on/where’s the hidden camera/where did you escape from”
  • Mimed apologies (From confused road-raged drivers in the wrong after I waved and smiled)

And I had a good luck day too:

  • Designer friend emailed to say paint shop had donated large amounts of paint for the Ecolodge revamp.
  • The wind stopped.
  • The sun came out.
  • Taskmaster stopped work for the first time in months and we went surfing.
  • Kingoftheplayground didnt run away and get lost once…oh wait, just the once. Found him barefoot in puddles “just runnin’ alon’ “
  • The renovations should theoretically be finished by tomorrow.
  • The jumping castle has been booked for Good Hope Nursery’s next event on 5th April – Fynbos Family Day.
  • Found this Protea repens in flower:                                                                                                                                                    Later on…

We discovered where on earth chicken #2 and chicken #3 have been hiding their eggs. Mike the BB man found a clutch of old and new eggs all cosy in a nest of sticks under an old gum tree. Got given dirty looks of hate and the beady-eye each time I passed them…. Smiles do not work on chickens!!!