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A Fynbos Frame of Mind

There is something different in the air on the Fynbos Walk. Whether it’s the crisp smells, the clear views, or the fresh breeze – I’m not sure what happens – but while you are focusing on a tiny flower, or gazing out over the landscape, somehow your worries and cares kind of melt away, blending into the water colour skies, bringing everything into perspective.

In a good way.

In a revitalizing, inspiring way.

Like a great yoga session, a long run or a good chat with an old friend.

EricasCrazy beautiful grasses

Reservoir sign

Watsonia seed heads

Geelbos and footpath sign


Protea lepidocarpodendron

High fiveBeautiful Fynbos

Cloud bank floating past


Rocking out

Wild beauty

Erica show

Sun behind the clouds

“Youre off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So….get on your way!” – Dr Seuss

So if you want, come and get yourself some Fynbos perspective.

Its free. Its fresh. Its fantastic.

80 potatoes and a baby Cape Cobra

It is another stunning day here at Cape Point:

In the veggie garden things are growing and we have been busy sowing yet another garden with all our own seed. We harvested 80 potatoes from half of one potato crop!

When opening a door on one of the houses on the property, we came across a sleepy baby Cape Cobra who quickly became very cross and reared up and hissed like an angry kitten. A very poisonous kitten. I did not have my camera on me but here is a photo and some info on the Cape Cobra from the Cape Snake Rescue website:

Cape Cobra

  • Notoriously common in and around human habitats in search of food and water supply
  • will flee instead of facing aggressor
  • very aggressive when cornered and will spread a hood, hiss loudly and readily strike
  • Average length ย 1.2 โ€“ 1.5m, slender and fast moving
  • smooth scales, colour varies between yellow, brown, cream and speckled
  • veryย powerful neurotoxin which attacks the nervous system


Ahhhh. How lovely. Not nerve wracking at all. Really looking forward to it growing up now. I’m just counting on the second point there!

Up on the mountain there are some beautiful Ericas out in flower now

And the Good Hope Landscapers stepping it up with these beautiful rustic natural log steps

Big changes are happening in the changing of hands of the farmstall….more to follow – watch this space! The farmstall is closed for the moment while changes, renovations and creating is happening.

In the meantime you are welcome to bring a picnic and play in the playground after browsing in the nursery. Lots of little pretties in flower in the retail and this cool weather is perfect for planting. Happy Easter!!!