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little drops (or big ones) of water falling from the sky

Publicity, party, veldkos and fynbos.

This month we have had a few times to shine in the media…

We were in an article on windpumps in the Country Life Magazine And Taskmasters amazing roof gardens appeared in a Green Roof article in House and Leisure’s online mag

Which in turn is the result of an article to appear in tomorrows Cape Argus on roof gardens. Cant wait!

Otherwise we have been having quite a few kids parties at the nursery

All catered for by us, including the Kitty cake

For our next project, owner lady and myself are coming up with a fantastic idea. It a bit hush hush but I can say it involves experimenting with veldkos, or bush food. The first experiment was collecting sourfigs (Carpobrotus edulis) and making a syrup out of them. This syrup can be used on ice cream or yoghurt, in cakes and puddings, an addition to sauces and salad dressings or even on toast. Yum!

Amongst getting famous and cooking and planting and general everyday stuff, we took a stroll on the Fynbos Walk and had a look at all the beautiful Fynbos in flower. Inspired, I picked an indigenous bouquet for my grandparents 59th wedding anniversary:

Another kids party booked for this weekend, the retail is looking fresh after yesterdays welcoming rain, fresh lemon and poppy seed cake in the farmstall…so come visit us and chill out in the deep green south! ! !

Cool links and the new spring poster.

So the sale date is beckoning, as well as all the little billion things that need to be completed by then. Here are two cool links advertising the Spring into Fynbos event:




Also,  a rather brilliant blog entry was sent to us from an obviously incredibly intelligent woman 🙂 A rave review on the nursery! We clustered round the computer screen and in between grunts of delight as we scrolled down, we declared it the Best Review Ever. Check it out at


Our article finally came out in the Home/Tuis magazine on the Fynbos Ecolodge. It was well worth the hard work as the pics came out all beautiful and shiny….mmmmm, nice. Go out now and buy yourself a copy – it’s the Eco edition so it’s a good read too. In the mean time here is a scanned version:

Fynbos Ecolodge article
Fynbos Ecolodge article page 2
Fynbos Ecolodge article page 3

Then our good friend Harry-the-girl who is a whizz at design, generously created this bright new poster for our Spring event:

Spring into Fynbos poster

So a week of really getting out there has been fun. Right now though, the rain has stopped, the sun is peeping through the clouds and we are going out to play in the playground and eat a pie in the tea garden. xxx

Landscaping our very own garden and the veggie patch continues.

Last week was very exciting because we (Taskmaster and Team) started the clearing for our Very Own Garden. I say this with much joy as we have always (and owner lady before us) had a rambling fynbossy “outside-bit” in which to jump and play and braai as well as the rest of the nursery to wander around…well work mostly – so a Garden as such was never a necessity. Untill now! Because we think it would be fabulous (my word not Taskmasters) and because we can.

Landscaping work always dies down a little bit in the rainy season, leaving us to focus on Stuff That Needs Doing around the nursery. So here are a few before shots:

Taskmaster doing his thing.

Soon to be space for seating under the tree and organic jungle gym in the tree!

An angel of an aloe in a hell of a mess.

So before the rain storm arrived on Sunday (Happy Mothers day) we planted out some veg seedlings…

And off we went.

The radishes had to be seperated…wonder how many will survive the fate of Kingoftheplaygrounds over-enthusiastic root pulling..hmmm.

There were sweet potatoes and aubergines ready for picking.A slice of carrot cake from the tea garden…and an afternoon well spent!

Garden club and lovely Kids of Nature visitors

Business as usual…had another garden club in this past week…

Bergvliet Garden Club. The weather performed marvelously, they had a fantastic talk by Ownerlady while Kingoftheplayground performed tricks in the sculpture tree.


And tricks.

And we served them tea and tea and

Rose cupcakes                                                                                 and                               Pecan and white chocolate cake with

My new experiment…Crystalized indigenous flower decorations!!! Yes those are Tecoma capensis flowers on the cake, and Yes – you can eat them!!! And some more tea.

The carrot cake was served and served until and only one lonely slice remained:

Awww shame. And so then I ate it. Yum.

Blooming fantastic in the retail were these beeeutiful Erica’s:

pleased with our morning in the retail, we trotted off home to bake something else.

This weekend our lovely guests at the Fynbos Ecolodge were Petra Vandecasteele and Paul Goddard, esteemed creative writer and brilliant photographer, creators of the books “In Celebration of Fynbos”  and “Enya and James  in the land of Magic” (currently for sale in the retail….get one now!) but most importantly creators of James and Enya…. Kids of nature!

They enjoyed the experience of a weekend in and around Scarborough, including a Guided Fynbos walk and a Fynbos Fusion lunch at the Tea Garden.

And now on a Monday misty morning its raining and damp, just the way the plants like it. There are wet paw prints on the floor, another cake to bake and seeds to sort out and label.

Have a great week!

The best aubergine recipe and a garden club visit

I have been asked a couple of times for this recipe so I thought I’d be nice and share it with you too.

You will need:

Two organic aubergines …(these babies came from our garden)

And two free range eggs (thank chicken # 2 & 3) and a plate with seasoned flour ( I used a mix of rye and corn flour…wheat-free and all that)

  • Crack the eggs and mix them in a bowl.
  • Slice the aubergines up and salt them so they sweat a bit..
  • then heat some oil in a pan on medium-high heat.
  • Dip slices first in the egg and then in the flour and pop in the pan…like so:
  • Let it gently brown on both side and then drain on absorbent paper.


Deliciousness in minutes. Even those who don’t normally like aubergines will love these.

This week we had another garden club visit. They had a talk and 10% discount on the retail plants and relaxed in the tea garden in between.

It was drizzling a bit, that’s why one lady has a plastic packet on her head.

Then we fed them









Wheat-free of course.

The Home/Tuise photographer and creative designer came over again to shoot the exterior of the Ecolodge and the interior of our bedroom. Apparently we have a Bohemian/Eclectic style happening. Cute label for secondhand loves! So don’t forget to buy the September issue of Home/Tuis magazine because that’s when the Ecolodge will feature in it…its their Eco-edition.

Thats a while off, in the meantime, this weekend we will have the honour of Petra Van de Casteele from Country Life magazine and her family visiting us in the Ecolodge for the weekend. She wrote ‘Celebrating Fynbos’ amoungst other magical articles and books. Nervously wondering what to serve them at the tea garden after they go on a guided fynbos walk. Maybe scones, a variety of  indigenous flower jams and fynbos tea? Mmmm.

As Kingoftheplayground would say: ” I better get crackalacking outta here”and go hunt for flowers.

The sun, the rain, tiny tomatoes and chickens.

I had to relinquish the camera back to sister # 1. So for todays story, you’ll just have to use your imagination for the  images!

It was a hot, hot, week. The plants looked sad and dusty. Unfortunately it was also the week where the irrigation in a certain plant area decided not to work properly and we lost a lot of plants. They did not quite die, luckily,  but will only look good again in a while. Thankfully a strange summer storm appeared, mist rolling down the mountain (picture it), bringing  a brief respite from the suns harsh rays.

On the brighter side, two days ago, Mike the BB man was clearing out the Protea area and ripped out a pile (and I really mean a PILE) of baby tomato plants growing wildly there. (Imagine three buckets full of baby tomatoes) So, tomato tart for all!!! (Imagine, a sumptuous  mouth-watering tomato tart – crispy pastry, melted cheese and fresh origano on top, mmm..)

Apart from never wanting to see another baby tomato for a long while (only so much amazing tart one can eat) the Big Move is happening. Phase 1 starts today…Ownerlady begins her move – exciting changes. Our turn next week maybe – just hope the chickens can deal with the stress of it all…they really are pea-brained. Have visions of them wandering back to their old roost wondering why it’s so drafty.

Heres a photo I took a while ago of Kingoftheplayground having a chicken of a time:

Have a great weekend!!!

Rain & photos

Descriptive: The plants are happy today. Finally a break from the sun – its  raining and the mist is rolling over our mountain.I am being serenaded by the beep-beep of the nursery truck backing up, ready to load a flatbed of proteas. The wind blows gently at my back as I type because there is no wall. No, I am not outside, there just is no wall because we are still renovating and the wall, she is gone.

Reality: The office was broken into last night, and they stole …wait for it..the computer mouse. Amazing! Why? We were going to get a pack of dogs but maybe we should get cats…mmm.So many jokes, so little time.

Reality continues: I’m packing and packing for the Big Move – so I’m just going to leave you with this beautiful photo and get on with it all…oh, and drink lots of tea and a slice of  Poppy-seed cake from the tea garden. Always time for that!

She is quite grumpy in the mornings  – but making an effort here to show her good side for the photo. Haha. Have a great day.