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A fresh start with spring

So new and exciting beginnings have begun! Good Hope Gardens Nursery and farmstall is fully operational. Coinciding with the beginning of Spring we relaunched with a bang and a bloom…flower power and fynbos kos. Take a peak:

We are also starting kids parties,

And pony parties ..introducing Patches the Shetland pony to the nursery!

Speaking of introductions….

we have two new puppies. Codi and Lani…heres Lani:

And our mommy goat died after eating a poison bulb called tilp (Beautiful orange flower with long green strap leaves) leaving her three-day old kids orphaned. These are the two  kiddies Dandelion and Star, whom we now have to bottle feed untill they are ready to eat by themselves.,,

I mean how cute does it get? Not much more than this.

So come on over to the Deep South and see what we have changed!

Cockadoodledoo 🙂

Endings and new beginnings

Things have been changing a lot around here. Namely the entire business. ‘Roger Gray trading as Good Hope Nursery’ comes to an end as from today.

However, Ownerlady and myself will be re-opening as Good Hope Nursery Gardens Nursery and Farmstall and Taskmaster will really come into his name with the opening of his very own landscraping business – Good Hope Gardens Landscaping. …really a continuation of his amazing work since 2004. The nursery and farmstall will have a grand opening in August and untill then, we will only be open (Nursery retail and Tea Garden) on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The landscaping will be continuing in its usual all-day every-day fashion.

There is a lot of reshuffling going on and changes to be made. I was about to embark on emails and start on a mile long list of things-to-do when loud mental barks were heard outside.  When out to check only to discover daddy goat OUT the paddock and was eating garden veggie no.3 and Bella the dog IN the paddock barking at mommy goat. mmmm. Fetched rope and food. Put goat back in paddock and chased dog out. Decided to feed the chickens and ducks while I was on this feeding mission. Came out with more food to find daddy goat out again eating a tree. Rope, food, curse. Wondered why we have a farm life again. Settled goat in different paddock. Went to feed chickens and found three warm eggs…happy farm feeling returned. Then stepped in some dog poo….Score:  Farm- 3 farmers wife-1 *sigh*

Yesterday we had a farewell staff braai…sad but delicious.

So keep warm till the next update … of Good Hope Gardens in Cape Point!!!!


In which we do our garden and look at the baby seedlings

Above is a little something from what we did on a sunny Sunday afternoon….

You know like the dentists kids teeth have holes in and the plumbers toilet is always leaking?…Well our garden is in a verrrry sorry state of affairs. So we dusted off our weekend cobwebs and began to create. Having a landscaper for a husband is Most Handy when doing your garden…

Need this log a different size? No problem! Lets use the chainsaw!

Need some mulch? Ok – we can get some from that Massive Pile over there!

Need more plants? No worries, let’s go ask at the Nursery!

It was fun, Taskmaster did most of the work and I have a pretty side garden again. Only 90% of the garden left to do now… 90 more weekends…so maybe by Kingoftheplaygrounds 5th birthday it will be ready…

Heres a sweet off-the-wall section, note the trademark organic log edging…

A couple weeks ago I planted some more veggie garden seeds. I learnt that top crops (lettuce/fennel/etc)  are to sown in seed trays and bottom crops (carrots/onions/etc) can be planted directly into the ground. Fail on my last try then…but look here:

Aaah reap the rewards! Well, not quite yet. And in the garden were these:

As Kingoftheplayground calls the, lots of  ‘Rubbishes’ …thats Radishes to you and me. The things he comes up with. On Saturday he commanded  my Sister # 2 “Come with me and change my mind in the room of shoes”… Sounds like something off a Frank Zappa record to me.

Above is a peep into the rest of the propagation nursery …

But now I have to run away and bake a carrot cake for a garden club who will be visiting the nursery tommorow…so keep warm and visit soon!

The Fynbos Ecolodge after pics!!!

It is over.

Our crazy, no-words-can-describe THREE day revamp is over…had to have a day to recover before sitting down and writing this. To recover and to get the paint out of my hair.

Well, the Good Hope Nursery team were AMAZING. Resilient, unstoppable, no 1 team. Taskmaster was working so hard you could only see sawdust. Designer friend had fantastic ideas that really worked well. And the magazine photo shoot went well…cant wait to see it in glossy print!!!As words cannot describe, below are the photos that will tell a thousand words.

Drum roll please…..

Here goes:

There you have it folks. I am proud! I am indebted to all who helped – thank you is not enough…it all turned out so beautifully! I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom (to caption the last photo) from Kingoftheplayground:

“Lets go in the WAKUUUUZI!!!”

Day 2 of the Ecolodge revamp

Day two. Am. The birds have barely started singing and Kingoftheplayground flutters an eyelid open. Blinks once. Sits straight up in bed. “Oh. Ok, its time to get up now. Its a beautiful day outside. Lets go for a walk.”

Yawn. The wind is howling again. Think I saw a whole Protea bush blow past the window…but it went past really fast. Coffee!!!!

The renovations went well, got everything painted, just the rest of the roof, the outside window frames and the bathroom ceiling to do still. The new double sink and cupboards are in, the tiles are up and the gas stove is fitted. The amazingly stunning paintings arrived today – wowie….

More tomorrow….So much to do before the Magazine people come!!! ***Wish us luck***

Day 1 of Ecolodge revamp.

Day 1 went smoothly enough.

Raced off to fetch camera (mine broke…think it heard it was really, really needed) and paint and galvanized nails. Designer friend came to help and Mabuthi, silent as a ninja, painted the ceiling beautifully. We painted the front room and main bedroom ceiling, fireplace and stove tiles primed and painted, colour panel in the entrance and main bedroom painted. The pergola is up, the fencing is underway and the kitchen counter is almost in.

Today we hope to take out the old sink and install the new two-basin sink in the kitchen, complete the wall and ceiling painting, and the fencing around the Jacuzzi.  Our backs are stiff, we still have paint in our hair, but it’s amazing to see the ideas in our head actually coming to life! Very exciting.

Here are some ‘during’ pics:

Tomatoes and prep for the revamp.

Yesterday was a howling wind.  It whipped and whistled around the nursery. I decided to try and escape it by going out to ‘Town” for last minute buys for the Ecolodge revamp.

What a ridiculous idea.

It was at least ten degrees hotter! Without the wind though, so I couldn’t complain. Much. I got white cotton bedding for the beds, white curtains, roof paint, tile adhesive, toilet roll holder, and some supplies for the Tea Garden. Three shops. It took me 5 hours. Time warp? Space vortex? Suburbs on a Saturday.

Once home, I was so thankful for the cooling wind, that I went tomato picking for pasta. I got there only to find that the tomatoes had been unattended for a few days and the slugs had arrived under a bush. They were having a party. They looked quite drunk. Sighing, I reached out for the first when I heard a Bark. Looking around, chicken #2 and chicken #3 had followed me like dogs and were peering round the fence with beady eyes. Brilliant. Took chickens to slugs, chickens ate all of the slugs and a few tomatoes and then I threw a stick and they left. No, I actually just chased them out.

Taskmaster had been busy finishing up our house (relief) and continued today. Ownerlady sewed up the new couch covers and I drew Proteas on the scatter cushions. Blinds painted white, bookshelf painted white…Collecting paint tomorrow – because it all starts!!! Four days, total revamp…from Rustic Drab to Eco Fab! Here are some of the before shots:

More photos of the During and After coming this week!!!