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Red ribbon seaweed

For one of the desserts at our Coastal Foraging, I make an agar agar jelly treat. To do this you have to collect the red ribbon seaweed that grows on kelp fronds and boil it to extract the agar agar.

Coastal foragingAgar agar kiwi jelly and candied kelp on ice cream.

The romantic version of collecting the seaweed is on a beautiful summers day..blue skies and turquoise sea. A surfboard, a smile and a skip down the beach.

The reality is usually more like a sand-blasted walk down the beach through a howling south-easter, slipping on the porphyra strewn rocks to get to the water’s edge at low tide, holding on with your toes and getting soaked by waves trying to reach the kelp.

If you try and have a surf you could easily get smacked if the face with your board like I did today. Who needs botox right? Dear wind, please hit my lip on the other side now. Angelina Jolie roll over – this is a Deep South extreme makeover.

And if you have missed low tide, you better start looking for a limpet with a lot of red seaweed growing on its shell.

Coastal foraginglike this but more.

Today we got the romantic version….

Coastal foragingA surfboard, a smile and a skip down the beach

Coastal foragingOk and maybe one quick little wave. Or five…

Coastal foragingCollecting the seaweed.

Coastal foragingFound a good bunch! Tough job hey. Gotta love these board meetings.

Coastal foragingWoohoo! Dreamy Summertime.

Coastal foragingLets go check out the haul…

Coastal foragingNeatly stashed away in wetsuit and top

Coastal foragingThe foraged goods. Nice.

A little bit of everything here – red, brown and green seaweed to eat.

Watch out for our next blog post to see what we made…

Happy holidays!

Kids Forage and Harvest Morning – Pizza!

Last Saturday we had such a fun laughter filled Kids Forage and Harvest morning!

Our lovely group of excited kids collected wild herbs, edible flowers and garden veg to create and eat PIZZA!

And yes, moms and dads, grannies and grandpa’s – they ate ALL THEIR VEG UP!!!

The mothers who were there were all very pleased with this and asked when the next one was…. It’s this coming Saturday the 9th of November!

Here are some highlights from our morning:

Kids foraging courseWere off!

Kids Foraging coursePicking carrots

Kids forage morningBella the pig!

Kids forage and Harvest morningChecking the goods

Farm animalsFarm animals!

Kids Forgae and Harvest morningRinsing the flowers

Carrot manMr Carrot Man

Kids Forage and HarvestCreating edible masterpieces

Kids forage and harvest courseYum!

Foraged and harvested pizzaSo tasty!

Kids forage and harvest morningSay cheese!

Hope you can join us at our next exciting morning 🙂

Spring Sale and the Indigenous Spring Garden Competition winners

On the 14th of September we had a fantastic Spring Sale here at the nursery. The weather really behaved for us and the nursery was looking beautiful.

Spring fynbos displayWe had the Indigenous Spring Garden Competition prize-giving in the court yard…

Kids category winnersEli Amery won the online junior photo entry – plant photo entitled “Indigenous is fun” and won a
R150 voucher from La Chatelaine
and a R100 gift voucher from Good Hope Gardens Nursery

Roxi and Skyla Hoets-Turner won the most creative junior indigenous garden and won a
Playground Party Venue voucher for 3hours valued at R750 from Good Hope Gardens Nursery
and a cute Dreamweavers kids wooden chair.

The winners for the Online photo entry – plant photo entitled “Indigenous beauty” could unfortunately not make it, but the winners were
Eva van Belle won first place – an Ilundi hand stitched leather I-pad case valued at R450
and Rayne Eaton in Second place – winning a R250 meal voucher from Decks restaurant in Kommetjie

The most creative small space indigenous garden winners were
Rosemary Barker in first place – who won a meal voucher from The
Annex for a two course meal for two people

Rosemary Barker
Mrs E van der Vyver in second place – winning a GHGN 1hour Guided Fynbos Walk for four people, valued at R350Mrs E van der Vyver
Third place went to Greg Nicolson who won a R200 Good Hope Gardens Nursery voucher but he was in Madagascar at the time of the prize giving

Most diverse large indigenous garden winners were:
First place – a Garden clean-up from Good Hope Gardens Landscaping, valued at R1000 was won by Susan Thirion

Susan Thirion
Allison James won second place winning this lovely 1.5m long latte bench from The Pole Yard valued at R550

The Pole Yard bench
And Juliette de Combes came in third place  winning a R250 meal voucher for The Meeting Place in Simonstown

Juliette de Combes

The rest of the day was filled with Flowers, Fynbos and Fun….

RetailTaking advantage of the wide selection of indigenous plants all on sale in the retail.

Ismail Smiths curryDelicious food!

Shady seatingHaving fun in the shady seating area.

Car boot saleLooking for bargains at the car boot sale.

Lemon Tart and cappuccinoThe most amazing lemon tart and cappuccino by Jaaqui

PlaygroundRelaxing in the playground.

A fun day for all! A huge hanks to all our prize sponsors and to all those who came and supported us. Lets do it again next year!

CliviaHappy Spring everyone!!!!!

Hiromu Jimbo

“Round the World Journey since 2009 – Dreams come true” says his business card.


Jimbo had been traveling on his bicycle for three and a half years when he arrived at the nursery. He worked at a travel agency in Japan, and had a dream to see all interesting countries he worked with, but to experience them as part of each ones culture, and live how the locals all lived. He realised this would be possible if he travelled by bicycle and formulated a five year plan. He started at Istanbul, cycled through Europe and zigzagged his way around 31 different countries in Africa – to see his travel route click here. He arrived at the Good Hope Gardens Nursery in Cape Point looking for a spot to camp in November last year. His original plan was to stay with us for 10 days and then continue on his journey, but he ended up here for 100 days – he said it was one of the most beautiful and peaceful places he had ever been to and was fascinated by the many different species of fynbos and thought our floral kingdom very special. To view the beautiful photos he took while he was here, click here.


He insisted on helping out in the nursery every morning that he wasn’t exploring the area on his bicycle (a “little cycle” to Kalkbay or Simons Town) in exchange for camping on the property. Always full of enthusiasm, kindness and humbly sharing exciting tales of his travels, we were very sorry to see him leave for the next stretch of his journey last week and honoured to have had him here. He introduced us to the joys of eating and preparing seaweed and he couldn’t believe how spoiled for choice we are with the vast array of “sea vegetables” at our beaches.


He left with a 70kg load on his bike, headed for Lesotho and then down to Richards Bay where he will catch a boat to Madagascar. From there he will catch another boat to India and make his way through to China and eventually back to Japan.

You can follow him on facebook: Hiromu Jimbo or on his blog: kotambola.blog.fc2.com

Bye bye Jimbo and safe travels!

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.


Photos from our Fynbos and Food Fair event

This year has already started, so much has happened and so many blog posts to update!!!

Lets start with our last event in December 2012 – here are some moments captured from the Food and Fynbos Fair:

Retail display at Good Hope Gardens NurserySurf art in the courtyardEnjoying waffles at the fairIndigenous christmas wreathIndigenous foodstuffs by Making KosFestive retail officePony ridesStall holder near the playgroundJimbo - our famous world cyclist! Music entertainmentRelaxing in the playground

Thank you to all who came and enjoyed the wonderful day with us!

Spring into Fynbos event

Our Spring into Fynbos was a great success, even with a bit of drizzle everyone had smiles on their faces and (by now) plants in their gardens!

A beautiful display of succulents in pots and cut flowers in the retail.

Browsing through the stalls.

Enjoying refreshments.

Wandering around the retail plants

Having a fun pony ride!

Delicious food stalls.

Thank you to all who supported – it was a brilliant day!

The Dream Sanctuary and Autumn in the fynbos

There have been a few changes happening in the Nursery lately. The Farmstall has closed, and the Dream Sanctuary has opened!

Here are some pics to tempt you to come over and visit soon….

The cosy Coffee Shop brightly decorated full of interesting fairies and angels.

Fun and yummy things for kids on sale.

Fairy garden by the seating area.

Scrummy yummy carrot cake!

Meanwhile in the retail area:

The rain has brough a lot of colour to the nursery…in plants and even caterpillars!

After the rain this little forest of mushrooms sprung up in the retail 🙂

Patches the pony cropping our wheat beds before the full moon…talk about eco holistic veggie gardening!

I will leave you with this image of Taskmaster and Kingoftheplayground riding into the fynbos…on a perfect Cape Point day.

Enjoy the mellow weather and hope to see you all in the retail soon!

Publicity, party, veldkos and fynbos.

This month we have had a few times to shine in the media…

We were in an article on windpumps in the Country Life Magazine And Taskmasters amazing roof gardens appeared in a Green Roof article in House and Leisure’s online mag

Which in turn is the result of an article to appear in tomorrows Cape Argus on roof gardens. Cant wait!

Otherwise we have been having quite a few kids parties at the nursery

All catered for by us, including the Kitty cake

For our next project, owner lady and myself are coming up with a fantastic idea. It a bit hush hush but I can say it involves experimenting with veldkos, or bush food. The first experiment was collecting sourfigs (Carpobrotus edulis) and making a syrup out of them. This syrup can be used on ice cream or yoghurt, in cakes and puddings, an addition to sauces and salad dressings or even on toast. Yum!

Amongst getting famous and cooking and planting and general everyday stuff, we took a stroll on the Fynbos Walk and had a look at all the beautiful Fynbos in flower. Inspired, I picked an indigenous bouquet for my grandparents 59th wedding anniversary:

Another kids party booked for this weekend, the retail is looking fresh after yesterdays welcoming rain, fresh lemon and poppy seed cake in the farmstall…so come visit us and chill out in the deep green south! ! !

Farming and eating and beaching….Summertime!

Summer is here, along with the South Easter. We have been busy in the gardens, beach and in the kitchen…

The veggie gardens have been full and flourishing, and the figs are ripe and ready…eaten fresh with cheese and wine or made into jam – a winner! We also have a new spacious enclosure for the chickens and ducks to free range around in. The baby goat thinks its one of the dogs and and likes to bleat and run along with the dogs as they run and bark at our cars, welcoming us as we return home. Bookings are coming in for kids (children not goats) parties, the landscaping has picked up, while the bakkie has packed up! All the cars suddenly seem to be giving us problems – maybe its time for a donkey and cart 🙂 Other than that, its been so windy, windy windy!

Some fresh veg out the garden…sweetest peas and corn ever!!!

Biggest Patty Pans/Pots we have grown yet!

Even more organic garden veg.

And beetroot which when roasted…turned into this Rose petal, mango and roast beetroot salad. Yum!

We took a break from the kitchen and the farm and escaped to the seaside. Quite often.

 Swims at Dalebrook pool,

Did some digger loading at Scarborough beach,

Jumped for joy at Fishermans beach,

Did some breakdancing at Fish hoek beach,

And then came home to chill.

Enjoy the Summer everyone!

Fynbos and Food event!

And here is our stunning new poster for our Fynbos and Food Fair by the brilliantly talented Terri of Soult designs:

Dont miss out on this fun fynbossy event!!! Quick – go write it in your dairy now!