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And it all starts…***Good Hope Hello***

Good Hope Nursery!

HELOOooo …anyone out there?

Well, welcome to the nursery – an inside look at life, plants, work, loves and general whatevers-that-are-happening here!

Not many people know to much about us…(soon to change – mwahahaha) so I thought I’d share glimpses of Good Hope life with you….plants,  food,   friends,   sights and sounds, walks and talks and just about whatever I manage to upload on any day I find the time…as you will soon see, there is never enough time in the day for everything! Know what I mean? If you have a child/spouse/job/are alive Im sure you do:)

Out here in the deepest South, things can get wild and windy- literally – in the Summer the South easter howls and rages lifting skirts and felling trees! The plants grown here are exposed to a harsh enviroment, therefore ensuring

wherever they are taken to be planted next, with a little tender loving care they will be sure to flourish!

The landscaping crew have been busy busy as usual – just after recovering from

Eugenia in the retail

GHN the Good Guys

making so many gardens beautiful for

Christmas, its been maintenance time for everyone else who had gone away for the festive season.

The Retail is looking beeeutiful. With all these wierd little rain spells (thunder and lightning storm too) everything looks

surprisingly green for this time of year….hmmm. The river by the ecolodge is usually dried up by now..not yet! Where DO the frogs go when the river dries up?

The office (in the caravan – quaint) is busy with changs of its own…with the economy going down we are thinking of what else we can do here…just to add more spice to visitors experience. Any ideas anyone?

What we have at the moment: Plant retail & wholesale, outdoor tea garden, arty venue, landscaping services, Ecolodge self catering accomodation, Fynbos guided walks, Fynbos educational walks. Ideas we have at the moment: organic veggie gardening (have a small garden, would love to extend it) farmstall, talks, workshops, bouldering, hook up to alternative energy….phew I feel rather excited thinking about it all! …in an exhausted kind of way;)

The Fynbos Ecolodge is soon to be undergoing a big change – a low budget revamp – inside and out – and in 4 days!!!! We are a revamp team consisting of three landscaping guys, myself,

owner lady, designer friend , and hopefully some willing friends…*Ahem*..guys, you know who you are! Then I had this flash of inspiration and asked a home magazine if they would be interested in doing a piece on us…..They said “yes we are” – a Before and After shoot – the pressure is on! The dates are March 1 – 5….will post lots of pics then!

Peace, quiet and fynbos at the Ecolodge

Ok, shew –

thats more than enough for the first day! Hope you enjoyed it and well…read soon!