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Catching up to the present…

So, a good couple days since the last entry. So much has happened since then…

The Argus Cycle Tour went past:

The nursery was closed that day as the roads were blocked nearly all day. Holiday!

We were in the thick-of-things moving wise and the Real Unpacking started. Still actually in the middle of it. Moving is crazy. Found out I have an old ancestral in-the-war urge in my blood to save old pieces of string/glass bottles/broken pieces of crockery for that Maybe One Day In The Future when I will need it to mend a blind/make some jam/do a mosaic. Three words: Chuck it out. Thank goodness for recycling is all I can say!

We found some interesting headgear in the unpacking:

We either found it incredibly entertaining or the move was taking its toll on our sanity.

What do you think?

To take our minds off cleaning and boxes, we went to the beach with Pretty  Petra and Buzz from Amaza Afrika tours in the Magic Bus.

It did the trick and we were suitably refreshed. Thanks guys!

Back to work…Fynbos Family Day event is in two weeks. Counting down to the D day will be filled with organizing and beautifying the Nursery. And of course lots of checking up on weather forecasts!

See you all on the 5th of April!!!